Stay in, work out.


The Big Colour Challenge has arrived. Over the coming weeks we want to encourage you and your family to stay at home, keep active and have fun. If you’re up for it, all you need to do is complete the form below and then we’ll send you the colour chart which you can print at home directly to your inbox.

Then over the coming weeks we will be sharing loads of interesting and inspiring challenges for you to complete. For every five minutes of activity that you do you’ll be able to colour in one segment. The more exercise you do the more segments you can colour in.

Remember, no cheating.

For more information, please check out our frequently asked questions.


We’ve put together a colour chart to track how active you are. Whether you’re going for a run over lunchtime, a swift evening bike ride or a stay at home HIIT class – they all add up to your active minutes. It doesn’t matter how quickly you complete the challenge, all we’re celebrating is staying active, safely.

Due to the fact we can’t swim, we thought we’d give you the option of a runner or a cyclist to colour in. The choice is yours.

If you complete the first drawing we’ve also got an additional blank page so you can extend your challenge and keep going.

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