British Triathlon backs campaign to ensure no child misses out

20th June 2020

British Triathlon is joining the Youth Sport Trust and Sky Sports to help young people and families up and down the country engage in a week of virtual sporting challenges.

National School Sports Week runs from 20-26 June 2020, we’ll be setting you, your family and friends a different challenge for you to complete every day right here and sharing it on our social media channels.

Day One – Roll With It

Take on a game of street scrabble with this challenge. Plan a cycle route around your local area, making a word with the first letter of the streets you cycle along. For example, Thomas Street, Ringwood Crescent and Irwin Drive spell out TRI. Attempt this challenge and see which word or words you can make.

Day Two – Shuttle Runs with Claire Cashmore and Dave Ellis

Set up two points to run between and battle it out to see who can complete 20 shuttle runs in the quickest time. Best of 3 to decide the winner.

Day Three – Transition Fun

Triathlon is swim, bike and run with a transition in between. This challenge will give you a taste of all four elements as you practice changing from one to another. Agree a start and finish line with your bike and helmet in the middle. With your goggles on, pretend to swim to your bike, once you reach it take your goggles off, put your helmet on and step through your bike before taking your helmet off and running to the finish line.

Day Four – 60 second challenge with Ben Dijkstra

Set your timer to a minute, place a pillow on the floor and get ready to jump. Both feet must touch the floor beside the pillow as you jump from one side to the other over the pillow. Record the number you do and challenge you family and friends to give it a go.

Day Five – Super Scooper

Are you up for our super scooper relay challenge? Mark a start line and a turnaround line, placing a bowl full of water at the start line and an empty bowl on your turn around line. Grab a plastic cup and then take it in turns to fill the cup and run to the empty bowl to start filling it up, run back and pass the cup to the next person to have a go. Time yourself to see how quickly you can fill the empty bowl and, after a short break, try and beat your time.

Day Six – Alphabet Explorers with Sam Dickinson

Write your name on the ground using whatever you can find (socks are great.) and cycle, scoot or skate around each letter. If you’re on your bike, try and do it without letting your feet touch the ground.

Day Seven - #FamilyGoals

We want you to build a circuit session with four activities and complete it as a family, doing each activity for 60 seconds. Once you’re all set up, complete your circuit three times.

Here’s a circuit to give you a bit of inspiration but watch out for jelly legs.

  1. Star jumps
  2. Shuttle runs
  3. Squat jumps
  4. Static running with high knees


Ready for more?

British Triathlon’s Big Colour Challenge has nine weeks full of fun challenges for you to complete, as well as giving you the chance to win some great prizes and track how active you’re being at home using our bespoke colour tracking sheets.

To find out more and get involved, click here