Warm up for your challenges

12th May 2020

Warm ups are an important part of any athlete’s exercise plan, and we want to make sure you’re ready to complete the challenges, so we’ve teamed up with the British Triathlon Performance Team to bring you some warm up ideas.

We know a lot of you may have your own training plans and routines, including warm-ups and stretches, already in place. However, along with the challenges to keep you active, we want to share with you some ideas on warming up.

Some of the challenges, especially the intermediate and expert ones, will really push you, so please ensure you complete a comprehensive warm up before attempting any of the activities - so you don't run the risk of injury.

Our warm up tips:

  • Warm ups should last for at least 10-15 minutes and start with around 7 minutes of slow steady running or cycling which increases slightly as time passes
  • Follow this with a few short sharp efforts which make you out of breath, then a couple of steady minutes cycle or jog
  • Next, do a 3-4 minute faster cycle or jog which is less intense than the first set of efforts, but where you find it harder to talk as a result of the effort you are putting in
  • Then finish with a minute or two of steady jogging or cycling. You should now feel warmed up and ready to go!

Have a think about the week ahead and plan out when you will give the challenges a go - there is a bit of everything, so you should have a good balance!

Don't forget to share your stories with us on social media, using the hashtag #StayInWorkOut.

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